Porin Palloilijat (PoPa)

About Porin Palloilijat

It all started way back in 1925, a gang of lads from Pori decided to start a football club. They came together at Pori City Theater to form an association that would be called Porin Palloilijat (PoPa).

Nowadays, Porin Palloilijat is rebuilding its foundation and the Club is an organization which is open to everyone, regardless of their origin.

Become a player or coach at Porin Palloilijat

For more information how to become a PoPa player or coach, please contact: info@porinpalloilijat.fi


For more info on how to arrange sponsorship relationships with Porin Palloilijat, please contact info@porinpalloilijat.fi

Other inquiries

For all other inquiries please email: info@porinpalloilijat.fi